CoMINDS is structured around a core of a multi-disciplinary mix of management consultants, brand strategists, communication planner and financial experts. Our cross-industry knowledge of markets, products and consumer trends streamlines business processes in this collaborative approach, to craft a solid foundation for each project. 


Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy a brand, they join it. This is why the best brands are simple ones:


they’re easy to understand and impossible to ignore. 
As a brand consultancy, everything we do is focused on simplify and clarify brand concepts, build up new brand stories and help clients to find out who they are and what they stand for. From strategy to activation, we collaborate with our partners to also craft the refined content, emotional moments, and narrative messages that build strong, authentic brands with engaging content, soul & character.



In creating strategies, CoMINDS helps brands understand the market challenges, identify the opportunities, generate original concepts and take appropriate action, in order to build closer customer relationships on diverse platforms and propel commercial objectives. 


We form brand strategies and business development solutions that make sense. 


Business Sense. 


CoMINDS focuses on delivering innovative content through brand building techniques that not only achieve communication objectives, but propel, drive and manage strategies that embrace consumer change and brave new ideas. We await the changes of market and consumer, while remaining true to brand and tradition.


We are always looking to the horizon to see what's coming next. 


And Beyond. 


We have a deep understanding of the consumer and their mindset and we work to not only engage them, but keep them engaged. 

We have a strong comprehension of the subtleties and nuances involved in both the creation and communication of luxury brands. 


With emotional intelligence and creative sensitivity, we set your brand apart. 


Far Apart.